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As an artist, whether you are a guru or just aspiring to get in the industry, you will need prior education that will impact you with skills to approach your work. Art is a complex subject that requires a lot of discipline from its participants for them to perform well. Furthermore, there are vital supplies that you should have to help do your work and also bring out your goals in the form of art. A lack of the right tools can hinder you from performing well despite the level of experience you might have. Below is an outline of the must-have tools before you start working on any work, whether it is personal or for professional purposes.



Although some people may go for small pallets, they might not have an extensive range of colors suitable for every need you might have. Acrylic paint is the best for unique artistic elements since with a considerable combination; it brings out perfect finishes. If you are just beginning, you can opt for a selected number of paints to avoid getting overwhelmed; then, when you gain more experience, you can go for more varieties. Some of the typical colors that you should have include red, yellow, brown, and blue. However, they come in further different shades like cadmium red and navy blue in case you are looking for something unique.


Without a brush, you can not execute any art you have; hence, it’s a very vital tool. Brushes come in different variations, all suitable for various purposes. They get categorized into three groups depending on the sizes and types of paint they can use. In a case where you are working with acrylic, you can use a filter brush for all the general purposes and later on shift for a liner brush when dealing with exquisite details on your work. For backgrounds, a flat wash will serve you perfectly. However, when you are working with other types like watercolors, you will require different kinds of brushes since artistic paints do not have a standard consistency.

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Painting Surface.

Before you start working with paint, you will need a surface where you can put sketches of all the art that you have drawn on paper. However, the primary determinant of a painting sheet is the type of paint that you are looking forward to using for your art. If you want to work with acrylic, the best options are either canvas or acrylic paper. Although both are good, the acrylic paper gets highly recommended because it gives you a comfortable time when you work in terms of the pressure you exert when painting. When you want to work with watercolors, the pre-stretched pads will do.

Pencils, Eraser And Paper.

The first step to making fine art is drawing a sketch using a pencil. A set of around three pencils will work well to ensure you save on time in case one breaks. They should be for drawing, light shading, and also dark shading. In case you make a mistake, you will require an eraser to clear the mess. Kneaded erasers are the best because they remove the mess without leaving any traces behind. Also, they come in different shapes depending on the part where you want to clean. Last but not least is a drawing paper where you have to make your sketches before transferring them to the painting surface. A simple drawing pad with sufficient pages will serve just fine.

The availability of the supplies, as mentioned above, guarantee the production of the best artwork within short periods. Also, you will have a comfortable time even when working with complex jobs.